Pregnancy with Twins 

The day I found out I was pregnant was actually my high school graduation day. When I first found out I was shocked. I immediately told my mom. Then called Quinn. Fast forward to our first ultrasound appointment. Quinn and I both were thinking the same thing during it but did not make a peep. We both saw two blob like things. At the very end the technitian told us “I don’t know how you’ll take this, but you’re pregnant with twins”. I was dumbfounded. This can’t be true, I thought.

The pregnancy was awful. There was no part about this that was a breeze. When I was thirty seven weeks pregnant the doctors found out I had preeclampsia (high blood pressure with protein in urine) and decided to schedule a cesarean for three days later. I researched videos of c- sections for those three days. I was so nervous to be awake during a surgery like this. I did not think I could handle it. But I did.

My first son, Owen is who came first. When I heard him cry he saved me. I do not say this lightly either.  He saved me from my panic attack I was having. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease. It was all worth it in that moment. Then came his brother Samson. A few minutes later we were told Owen was born grunting and they needed to put him on some oxygen. They wheeled me into recovery all by myself. Sadly, I didn’t get any skin to skin. When I got to my room an hour later Owen was not there. They told me he was down in the nursery being looked at. A few minutes later we were told the horrible news that he would have to be transferred to a hospital an hour away to a higher up NICU because he was not breathing well. 

I was not okay. I cried and I cried. I was sad I couldn’t even move to change Samsons diaper, sad I haven’t even met Owen yet, just sad about everything in my life at that moment.

Four days later I was released. That night I wanted to go see Owen. When I did I did not feel like he was my son. I kept saying to myself “why can’t we just leave him here?”. That is that post-partum depression taking over. That night I ended up being admitted into that hospital for very high blood pressure, at stroke level. I stayed for two nights. I got to bond with my Owen those days. 

Having a child in the nicu is one thing, but having a baby in the nicu while having complications, recovering from a surgery, and taking care of a baby at home… oh boy. It was rough. But I am so thankful we did it and that everyone is now healthy. 



Hi! My name is Ivy Morrall and I’m a twenty year old mom of twin boys. Samson and Owen are 18 months old. I stay at home with them every day, which is a huge blast. I’m engaged to their daddy, Quinn. We both are currently students. He’s general studies and I’m studying respitory therapy. 

My main motive to start writing was to just put my experiences out there in hopes that someone could get something out of this. I have been though a tremendous amount of things being only twenty years young and I’d love to share my experiences with you all.